《The House of Wolves》[The House of Wolves] - The Nature of \'Nobility\'

Seven days. That was how long Ardos had spent cooped in that god awful chariot. Now….the chariot was exquisitely designed and very classy, and on top of that it had its own quarters built in just for him. The chariot was more like a miniature room in all honesty. And on top of that the servants and bodyguards most certainly had it worse, though they were still sleeping comfortably.

He had requested to travel alone, but his father had adamantly denied his wishes and sent him on his way.

”If you die…the family shall be greatly impacted. After all, you are my only heir, so if you were to die the repercussions would be grave. Additionally…you are to be wed in a month! How could you even think of going alone? ”

”But father ” pleaded Ardos, before he was cut off once again.

”Don push your luck boy! The fact that Im allowing you to even travel to that vile city is extremely generous. Now pack your things and get out of my sight. ”

Ardos had been given no choice but to comply and as a result, had suffered the boredom of spending seven days drudging along in a chariot with people too afraid to even engage in basic conversation with him.

Yet again…Im being chained down, thought Ardos to himself solemnly. This thought was accompanied by a long sigh. He was about to fall asleep when a servant charged into Ardos quarters.

”Sire…weve arrived! These are the gates of Corvachia! ”

Ardos got up with excitement, relieved that at long last he had arrived at his desired destination. He almost didn believe it for a second, which was why he practically swung open the door separating the inside of the chariot from where the driver sat.

He was immediately greeted by looming stone walls, the last and final barrier for those who had managed to traverse the rocky, mountainous pathways that led up to the city. The mountains themselves were not particularly that treacherous, as they were rather small in nature, perfect for mining to further bolster the citys bustling economy.

Ardos had been to many family parties, where nobles from different houses and cities would praise the ingenuity of the mining system that had been established in Corvachia. But seeing it in person as he had throughout the trip, Ardos hardly felt impressed by it.

It felt rather rudimentary, and unrefined. Perhaps it was suitable for the small minded little hearts of the nobles from those parties, people who were content with the minimal level of progress the mining system had established within the kingdom. But their standards were minimal indeed.

After all, to them everything in this kingdom was like a plaything, and everyone like little toys…running around in their greasy palms. They approached their duties as nobles like an audience did to an exciting play. They were sorely lacking in perspective, because to them any worldview that wasn there one was unnecessary. They were content to sit back and slurp the enamoring wine known as power that was always readily at their disposal, letting themselves waste away behind the countrys powerful military as well as their own positions.

The lack of any sort of profundity or depth in perspective was embarrassing. And the fact that Ardos was associated with these people in any way was even more embarrassing!

But still…despite the disappointing nature of the mines surrounding the city, he couldn help but admire the atmosphere it created when going into the city.

Suddenly, a servant tapped Ardoss shoulder, robe in hand. His face flushed red and he realized that he wasn wearing a shirt, meaning he looked quite ridiculous to not only the guards standing outside the gates but also to his own men.

Thankfully he was still wearing pants, loose ones yes, but pants all the same. Still though, it was rather unbecoming of a man with the title of
oble to be casually standing, half naked before the walls of a great city.

After slipping on his robe, Ardos retreated back to his quarters, not even daring to look into the eyes of the servants there in the cabin with him. Though they were most likely faces of amusement, in fact, he even heard a few snickers in the back…which did nothing to soothe Ardoss shame.

After opening and subsequently slamming shut the oaken door to his quarters, Ardos crashed onto his bed and pulled up a mirror from his nightstand so that he could examine his features.

Ardos was a rather attractive young lad whom had garnered the attention of many young noblewomen throughout his brief lifetime. All of which were drawn to a different characteristic of his. Whether it be his long and luscious blond hair, or his sharp green irises. Some had found themselves drawn to his well toned body, some to his stout jawline, there were even women who had found his pale skin attractive.

But Ardos wasn looking in the mirror to admire his features, but instead to make sure the makeup the female servants had applied earlier was in perfect condition. He couldn afford to look indecent amongst the elite businessman of Corvachia. He outranked them yes, but in a city like this they had so much power, that if he had made a fool of himself before them it could risk his familys reputation.

The fact that he was even here, and the matters he intended to discuss with them was position threatening enough, he couldn afford any other mishaps in case the discussion with the businessmen went awry.

After ensuring that the carefully applied makeup was fine, Ardos took off the robe the maid had given him and changed into something more formal. He wore a black surcoat with an elegantly patterned doubtlet underneath, as well as a leather belt and boots. The surcoat was embroidered with a golden threaded crest, specifically the crest of the Calastres.

Every noble family and city in Volicheus had its own signature animal to set itself apart. Altravia, where Ardos lived, had the emblem of the fox whilst the Calastres logo was a majestic stag. The only notable animal which had yet to be assigned to any location or family as of yet was the wolf.

The stag was one of the few things Ardos liked about his family. His reasoning was purely aesthetic but he simply couldn help but admire the intricacy of the crests design. The way the stag had been sown as if it were leaping, the golden hue of the stag…it was nothing short of genius.

As Ardos was admiring the design a shrill voice interrupted him from across the door. ”Sire…we have arrived at the mansion ”, said the voice. Ardos immediately fixed his doublet and strode out of the chariot.

Around his own lay two beautiful mansions, one made of oak and the other out of some form of brick or stone.

While the process had many noticeable flaws, the amount of natural resources yielded as a result of the mining were definitely a positive. Practically every house in this part of the city incorporated the fruits of the mining in some form of another.

Ardoss mansion was built upon a seamless combination of polished wood and stone, like most of the homes in the area. It had three stories and a gate fashioned out of pure silver, making it rather magnificent in appearance.

But Ardos had known all of these details beforehand, being as he was the one to purchase the house.

”Shall we go in sire…. ” asked one of Ardoss bodyguards. In response Ardos merely gave a curt nod and proceeded to enter his would be home for the next several days.

The house…was most certainly worth the purchase. Neither the floor nor the elegant red carpet had even a speck of dirt on it, and the house looked as if it had just been made….despite having been booked several months in advance. Gorgeous p